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Brokerage Services for Residential & Commercial Properties

  • Highly Trained Professional Brokers
  • Marketing & Advertising of Property
  • Completion of all relative transactions
  • Property Conveyance service
  • Sales & Leasing Services
  • Property Appraisal
  • Work with reputable financial advisers, stock brokers and wealth management experts
  • Guarantee a high return on your Investment
  • Offer a wide range of Real Estate Investments
  • We Create & Manage Your Portfolio
  • Buy, Sell, or Rent on your behalf
  • Offer services – i.e., interior design, so as to give you a higher return on your investment
  • Offer Escrow & Title Conveyance Services
  •  Safe, Legal, & Easy way to transfer ownership of property


  •  We offer full-scale financial assistance through trusted financial partners
  •  Proper Guidance of home financing products
  • Our analytical toolkits and personalised solutions are devised to focus project resources on identifying and implementing specific strategies that directly impact the client’s « bottom line. » Furthermore, we believe in being proactive to market trends and change in economic climates.
  • Our solutions are grounded front line, hands-on, retail and development of real estate projects
    in the industry. Our projects have generated significant improvements in client performance
    within the critical areas of sales and profitability at the store level and low occupancy cost at the
    mall level.
  • Our retail teams focus is the retail industry. We understand the in-depth market study planning, execution of strategies and commitment required to achieve the investors set objectives and are extremely passionate about our work.
  • We believe in working in conjunction to our clients throughout the phases of the development,
    building strong buy-in, enabling knowledge transference and ensuring internal ownership of
  •  An ideal tenant mix is at the very heart of driving success for any retail space. It is a strategic approach to  meeting consumer needs as well as aspirations that make a retail space desired over others. A retail mix that works in a given geography may not work in another. Hence, a very
    strategic and objective driven approach is required to arrive at the most ideal strategy for every property. HMS has built lasting relationships with retailers across segments and has expertise in understanding the technical and financial requirements of retailers. From super-premium and
    high luxury international labels to coveted anchors with impressive pull factor, HMS has worked with retailers from across categories.
  • The HMS tenant mix strategy is aimed at creating exciting and compelling environment for consumers for repeat walk-ins and enhanced purchase experience.
  • Lease management is pivotal to maximising profits and value of any retail property. HMS is fully equipped to design effective lease programming and marketing strategy for each property, executing strategies and tactics to maximise tenancy and retention at shopping centres. Over the years HMS has built lasting relationships with various national and international retail brands and hence implement leasing strategies in terms of getting anchor stores and other key brands for creating a successful retail space for its clients. With an understanding of the tenant’s business,
    objectives, goalsetting and financial considerations, HMS executes retail relations that are a winwin for both the developer as well as the retailer. HMS is committed to developing exciting and unique tenant mix strategies for each property that would eventually lead to enhancing its asset value.
  • HMS investments remit includes the management of investor relations for land lease and sale, providing a framework for regulating investor activities as well as enhancing and managing districts and land assets. land plots situated in UAE may be used for projects including but not restricted to schools, community centers, residential buildings, office towers, hotels, retail outlets, and medical facilities. Interested investors are invited to contact our investments expert team.
  • Property sales and Marketing services
  •  Research & Development
  • Developing Creative Marketing Strategy
  • Independent Escrow Account for Re-sales
  •  Offer Escrow & Title Conveyance Services
  •  Safe, Legal, & Easy way to transfer ownership of property